About Us

About Us - Buff Print Media

The Buff Print Media Company Founded in 2010 has become one of the Top Companies of Chandigarh in Print Media, Stationary Supplies & Office Supplies. Buff Print Media is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company has worked with many small to big firms of Tri-city and clients had a great experience working with our Organization. Just like good batsman’s bat speaks for him, similarly Our Testimonials speak for the Kind of Work we have done.

Customer is Our Priority

Satisfying Our Clients is Our Agenda and their priority is our priority. For Our Customers, we are available at their suitable Time Slots. In case of urgency, we are also available 24 * 7.

We Don’t Advertise because we believe in Relationship Management with Our Clients. Our Impressive Work and Positive Attitude towards Customer’s Feedback, we have Developed Great Professional Relationships with Our Clients. Our Business comes mostly from the Same Businesses References just because Our Satisfied and Happy Customers.

We also Special Attention to Urgent Requirements through Our Priority Service Section. We can Deliver Your Requirements in No Time at a Slightly Higher Cost.

Quality Standards

We want to Surpass the Quality Expectations and provide a Great Product Each Time we Deliver. We take Customer’s Feedback after the Product is Delivered and is used by The Customer. This helps us in Improving Our Processes and Products. Our Team takes a note of the Customer’s Feedback and Implements any Good Suggestions with Immediate Effect.

We provide High Quality Products at the Most Cost Effective Pricing. Our Motto is to provide The Best Products at the Most Reasonable Prices. Our Innovative Machines help us Save Costs helping us to offer a Lower Price to Our Clients, thus making us one of the Most Cost Efficient Companies of Chandigarh and Tri-city.


We Manufacture Our Products from Paper that can be Recycled Completely. We also use Good Quality Branded Chemicals that are Less Harmful to the Environment.