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Lable Stickers Printing Services Chandigarh

Lable Stickers Printing Services in Chandigarh:BuffPrintMedia gives your affordable and best Labels Stickers Printing Services Chandigarh. Here, you can receive ultimate offers and services, which really beneficial for you. We will provide you cheap Labels Stickers Printing Services in Chandigarh. label StickersYou will experience the new technology of label and stickers printing services with BuffPrintMedia. We know the value of your time and money that’s why we will provide you wonderful services related labels and stickers. You can easily trust and rely on us. You may often find that printing your stickers and labels comes at a high price. It is our aim to supply you with BuffPrintMedia printing services for low-end costs.

Different kind of Labels & Stickers Business Use

You may not realize it but businesses everywhere rely on Labels and Stickers for a number of things. These are used for marketing, advertising, inventory purposes, and asset management and even for instructional reasons.

Safety and WarningLabels and Stickers can be used to warm people of dangers and hazards that come with operating machinery, using equipment and getting to certain apparatus. Sometime they attached with hazardous equipment in an area that is highly visible. Label and stickers used internationally recognized symbol and pictographs to make the warnings easier to understand.

Theft PreventionSome companies use labels and tags to help keep people from making away with items that belong to the company.  They usually use destructible Labels or tamper proof tags for making items.

Branding – labels are also used for branding items. Companies often use labels that are durable and can be manufactured in full color, like Lexan Label or Domed Labels.

Inventory Tracking and Asset ManagementLabels with bar-codes are often used for this purpose. Using bar-codes on these self- adhesive tags often make tracking of assets and products easier. since each bar-code carries a wealth of information about item.

business cards
business cards
business cards

  • Types of Labels and Stickers Manufactured

    • Die – cut self-adhesive labels in roll from. We manufacture rolls to fit the entire range of thermal printers and barcode printers
    • Color- coding – we have a vast range of color – coating labels
    • Direct – thermal labels
    • Poly – propylene labels. Thermal transfer ribbons for all printers in stock. Color ribbons available for all materials Perforated labels
    • Piggyback labels – double layered labels where the client can use the top side for packaging and the bottom side for records
    • ButtCut Labels- at client request – square corners and no spacing between each label.Pen, Pencil and Clothing  Name Labels


  • Types of Labels According to Stock

    • Paper

    This is the most common type of stock. A label created the paper stock is the one often referred.

    • Lithe

    It is also a common base stick. It is a smooth non-glass stock. It is very smooth and you can easily write or print on it.

    • Latex

    It is the same lithe stock. The latex makes the label more pliant and can be used for curved surfaces

    • Plastic

    As we know that plastic are more flexible more durable than latex, litho, or paper.

    • Foil

    Foil usually has shiny surfaces and labels are also more flexible.

    • Thermal

    This type of stock has the characteristic of changing colors when exposed to higher temperatures.

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